Episode 16

Published on:

28th Feb 2022

HILFH #16 Karuna Eberl

This month Mary talks with Karuna Eberl, a freelance journalist, photographer and filmmaker specializing in environmental issues, nature, travel, science and history. Karuna is an award winning author of travel and nature books who lives her life in the fullness of the wide wild world. She describes her life as centered in the natural world, from her childhood in the mountains above 8000 feet to the recent year she and her husband, Steve, spent exploring the country in their van.

In their conversation, Mary and Karuna dig into what we as individuals can really do to make a positive difference in the progression of climate change. 

Koruna's Blog: https://www.naturerising.world/

Koruna's Website: https://www.wanderingdogcreations.com/

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