Episode 3

Published on:

25th Oct 2020

HILFH #3 Paris Mullen - part 1

In the first of our two-part interview with public health worker and activist Paris Mullen, Mary and Paris talk about the recent protests for racial justice in Chicago and the ways in which the coronavirus pandemic is perpetuating inequities in public health for black and brown communities. With hope held high, Paris outlines his vision for equality and freedom in the context of health in America.

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How It Looks From Here
Life in the time of COVID
The truth is, life looks different to you than it does to me. The way race and gender, education and work, and everyday circumstances come together in any person...well, it’s different.

Then these days, we’ve got the pandemic - COVID-19. That, and the isolation that comes with social distancing, have cut our chances for comparing notes down to near zero.

Hosted by Mary Clare, How It Looks From Here brings you diverse perspectives through engaging interviews. It's just too easy to think that everyone is feeling the same way: but they’re not. For every person, how it looks from where they are matters. And, with every interview, we’re enriched. It's helping.
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