Episode 4

Published on:

13th Nov 2020

HILFH #4 Paris Mullen part 2

Mary and Paris continue their conversation, this time focusing on the intersections of the environment and social movements. Our social ecologies inform environments large and small, from global climate change to our individual well-being. Paris describes his strategies for finding wellness in stressful times. 

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Cedar Mathers-Winn: https://cedararran.bandcamp.com/ 

Gary Ferguson: www.fullecology.com

Alexei Desmarais: https://medium.com/@alexeidesmarais

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How It Looks From Here
Life in the time of climate change
The truth is, life looks different to you than it does to me. The way race and gender, education and work, and everyday circumstances come together in any person...well, it’s different.

Hosted by Mary Clare, How It Looks From Here brings you diverse perspectives through engaging interviews. It's easy to think that everyone is feeling the same way you are - but they’re not. For every person, how it looks from where they are matters. And, with every interview, we’re enriched. It's helping.
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Mary Clare

Mary M Clare is a social scientist focused on social and cultural phenomena. She is an American Psychological Association Fellow, and the author of over 100 scholarly articles and three books, the latest, FULL ECOLOGY - REPAIRING OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE NATURAL WORLD, co-authored with Gary Ferguson. Mary is both truly curious and truly interested in the way people see life and how sharing those perspectives can strengthen the way we are in community.