Episode 34

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31st Aug 2023

HILFH #34 Gary Ferguson & Mary Clare

With this episode we begin our fourth season. Our very first episode  of How it Looks from Here went live September of 2020. The pandemic was just getting going. We were being asked to work from home, to keep our distance from each other. A huge cost of this distance was that we wouldn’t be hearing how other people were making sense of Covid in their lives. How were people coping? How could we learn from each other with so little face-to-face contact? How did the world look to the people we weren’t seeing on the street, at work, in the grocery? Our first season was dedicated to hearing from people across the country and in many different roles about how they were navigating life in the time of Covid.

By September of 2021, we began extending our focus, keeping an eye on the pandemic, and looking to see what more we could learn from each other for living well in the time of climate change. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with poets and dancers, with wildfire experts, ranchers and reproductive health advocates from all walks of life. The archives are live and worth diving into to learn from this wide range of perspectives.

That brings us to today - to launch this fourth season. In this episode, I speak with Gary Ferguson, a highly acclaimed nature writer, co-creator of Full Ecology, and my life partner.

Only recently have we realized that, in January of 2024, we’ll have been developing and learning from Full Ecology for 10 years. It only seemed right to begin this season with a conversation on what Full Ecology has taught us - and what it continues to teach.

Gary is the author of 27 books in which he renders science in story. In this podcast, we revisit the origins of Full Ecology and make our way to speaking about the impact Full Ecology has had on Gary’s work as a writer and mine supporting organizations committed to healthy work culture.

To learn more about Full Ecology visit the Full Ecology website. Drop us a line at connect@fullecology.com and we'll get your name on the list for the monthly newsletter.

Also, if you'd like a slightly different slant on what we talk about in this podcast episode, check out our Full Ecology September Viedo Update on YouTube. After all of that you won't be able to keep yourself from writing to let us know what your thinking and seeing in your own life. And we'll love hearing from you.

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The truth is, life looks different to you than it does to me. The way race and gender, education and work, and everyday circumstances come together in any person...well, it’s different.

Hosted by Mary Clare, How It Looks From Here brings you diverse perspectives through engaging interviews. It's easy to think that everyone is feeling the same way you are - but they’re not. For every person, how it looks from where they are matters. And, with every interview, we’re enriched. It's helping.
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Mary M Clare is a social scientist focused on social and cultural phenomena. She is an American Psychological Association Fellow, and the author of over 100 scholarly articles and three books, the latest, FULL ECOLOGY - REPAIRING OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE NATURAL WORLD, co-authored with Gary Ferguson. Mary is both truly curious and truly interested in the way people see life and how sharing those perspectives can strengthen the way we are in community.