Episode 8

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20th Mar 2021

HILFH #8 Graham Stacy

In this episode, Mary talks with Graham Stacy just a few days before his 16th birthday. Graham lives in Gardiner, Montana. Gardiner has grown up around the Yellowstone Arch - the original entryway to the world's first National Park, established March 1, 1872.  

Graham is a musician, an actor, an artist and a scholar. He loves history and is becoming increasingly fluent in Mandarin. He's clear that the land on which he and his friends live makes a difference in everything they do. Graham's perspective on his small town in COVID and his extension of that perspective into matters of climate health open windows for all of us. In particular, Graham kept coming back to the idea of deliberate diversity - a topic he's been exploring lately for it's expression among people and in the natural world. He came upon this term in his application for a spot in the United World College which has advanced him into final interviews.

Find out more about Graham's community here - https://www.visitgardinermt.com/

And about United World College here - https://www.uwc-usa.org/ 

Also referenced in the show is our soon-to-be released book, Full Ecology - Repairing our Relationship with the Natural World. Forthcoming April 20, 2021 from Heyday Books. Find it here: https://heydaybooks.com/catalog/full-ecology-repairing-our-relationship-with-the-natural-world/

Music this episode by Graham Stacy and Gary Ferguson. Editing by Joe Loviska.

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