Episode 9

Published on:

14th Apr 2021

HILFH #9 Jon Trapp

In this episode, Mary Clare speaks with Jon Trapp, a wildland firefighter and fire behavior analyst, emergency search and rescue volunteer, and wolf biologist. Jon describes his experience working on wild fires during COVID, being challenged by exposure events, social distancing at fire camps, and increased mental health struggles among his teams and patients.

Find out more about Jon's work at https://travelmontana.com/yellowstone-wolf-experience-with-jon-trapp/

Also, keep an eye out for the release of Full Ecology, the new book from Mary Clare and Gary Ferguson, out on Earth Day, April 22, 2021 from Heyday Books. Attend the virtual launch with Sister Helen Prejean by signing up here: https://www.wildboundlive.com/events/walkinthewild

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